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Arkanix Labs
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CartographPC V1.1 by Arkanix Labs

CartographPC V1.1 by Arkanix Labs


CartographPC is a Windows application created to assist in designing tile-based datamaps. This devtool serves as a companion piece to our C64 native Cartograph devtool. The original purpose of CartographPC was to enable us to take nice screenshots of our datamaps without having to take four or six screenshots of smaller windows and piece them together. CartographPC has since grown into a full editor with the benefit of being able to load datamaps created on the C64 directly into memory and edit, save, and move them back to C64 without much hassle.

It works by creating datamaps using tilesets created on C64 with the old, but popular, Ultrafont editor. Datamaps can have dimensions of 1 to 255 tiles horizontally and 1 to 127 tiles vertically. CartographPC allows the user to create a datamap as small as 1x1 tiles up to 255x127 tiles, but the smallest size compatible with Cartograph is 40x25 tiles (one screen). This application was created as an internal devtool for Arkanix Labs. We're using Cartograph and CartographPC extensively with our Crimson Twilight Trilogy (tile-based CRPG) and Damned: Out Of Hell (push scroller shooter/jump and run) projects.

CartographPC V1.1 Changelog:
[April 27, 2010]

- New: Random fill
- New: Undo
- New: Export datamap
- New: Drag'n'drop to load tilesets
- New: Drag'n'drop to load datamaps
- New: User settings
- New: Load default tileset
- New: Load default datamap
- New: Save datamap on exit
- New: Highlighted tile in tileset window

- Updated: Layout
- Updated: Save / Save as

Future Plans:

- cut'n'paste
- selectable fill areas
- 2 byte load address saved with datamaps

Download Setup [exe]


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