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#1 April 12, 2020 3:59pm

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[C64 Demo] Outrun PETSCII

aNdy wrote:

I was bored in the house so decided to pixel a PETSCII version of the C64 conversion of OutRun using my (as yet unreleased) screen editor ChillED.

I then decided to turn it into a small one file 'demo'...

This was done as a tribute to Shine/G*P who has pixelled some *great* PETSCII's over the years, including recently some amazing game PETSCII's.

The download zip file contains the 'demo' itself on a disk image as well as the display source code and screen in it's original ChillED format. The disk image also contains an SEQ version of the image which in theory should be able to be displayed on a BBS. Just because.

The music is from the C64 conversion of the game; you can select which tune to play: 's' for Splash Wave and 'm' for Magical Sound Shower.

You can download at



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