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#1 December 16, 2020 11:31am

Arkanix Labs
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[C64 Game] Chiller 2

Finally, Cosine Systems has released my game, Chiller 2!  This is dedicated to Cosine's C&C, T.M.R who is still in hospital at the time of release.  I desperately wanted him to play test and approve before release and feel bad about releasing it before, but this needs to go out now.

Download includes game on a .d64 and .tap file plus all the source code and work files for graphics and music.

Download here:

Merry Christmas!



#2 August 8, 2022 5:13pm

EverythingC64 Refugee
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Re: [C64 Game] Chiller 2

I know it's been a while since Chiller 2 was released, but I only just discovered the Arkanix Labs forum!  Anyway, I wanted to mention that I posted a review of Chiller 2 on my Commodore blog, HERE, if anyone is interested.

I really enjoyed the game and appreciate how you've improved on the original Chiller game idea.  Great work!

EverythingC64 refugees welcome at


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